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  2. Due to the high demand for science ship builds, here is a brief overview of what is currently in vogue. One fair warning: only read on and recreate one of the builds if you want to invest hundreds of millions of energy credits, piles of Lobi and thousands of Zen. Science ships are able to dish out incredible amounts of damage to groups, especially in elite queues. Unlike cruisers or escorts.
  3. Bane takes you through his current skill tree in Star Trek Online.Credits to: Credit to Omegafighter and Dragon1608 two great guys who helped me get back int..
  4. December 20, 2016 December 20, 2016 jzholloway Builds, Fleet, Star Trek Online, tips, Tutorial Builds, Playstation 4, PS4, Science, Star Trek Online, STO. Thanks to VoidKraken (PSN) for the following build: Since build posts are all the rage, I figured it was high time to share my Space Magic Science build! I've included a full guide to all components used and where to get them, and it's.

DPS-builds: Most builds are based on a tactical captain, but they would be build in the same way for the other careers. Don't miss our constantly maintained post for several build types like Support Ships, Science Ships, Cannon Ships, and Beam Ship. You will always get our latest suggestions there. Some build suggestions are including low budget builds. Click here to see, where they are. NECROBONES GUIDE TO DPS-ORIENTED SCIENCE SHIPS WHAT? SCIENCE DPS? NOTE: This is just a starting point. Much more advanced configuration exists in the end game. Yes, I said DPS (Damage Per Second) on a Science Ship. There are many approaches to playing any given ship class in STO, and this is just one approach. But my philosophy on ship configuration has worked out well for me in the game, so.

DFS (Directed-Energy-Weapon Focused Science) is a style of build where you aim to combine exotic and energy weapon damage on the same ship. Up until now, I've been calling my build DEWSci, but others have taken DEWSci in a different direction. DFS focuses on exotic damage as the primary damage source Hello all! I have been a mostly active player since 2015, but I have never tried out a science character. I have also never really planned out a 'Megawell' builds are a popular build. This means generating powerful Gravity Wells that can pull enemy ships in and group them. This is benefical to torpedo boats as means that a well timed Torpedo Spread has greater effect, and following that with the new 'Delayed Overload Cascade' science BOFF ability (obtained from the Winter Event Store) is particularly effective. Its also sometimes. Star Trek Online. All Discussions you'll want a variety of crusisers and science ships to go with the escorts for your admiralty and pounding it out with a beam boat or a sci ship sporting beam arrrays and a torp fore and aft will not really take too long during your leveling up process to be such a nuisance as the baddies go down rather quickly whatever your build. At end game if you're.

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I have been looking for a Full Engineering Build but after the tree revamp. After a year and a half it looks like the Engineering tree has been abandon as I have not come across a Full Engineering build. Before the tree revamp there was a build that was (which I can't find anymore) that was effectively a reflection boat (I don't know if that is the correct term for it). e.g. The more. 1---> Willkommen zu Star Trek Online! Dieser Guide ist auf dem aktuellen Stand vom April 2020 (Legacy). 2---> Vorwort: Der Inhalt dieses Guides soll Einsteigern als auch Wiedereinsteigern einen Überblick über den aktuellen Sachverhalt des Spiels verschaffen und als roter Faden dienen. Der Sachverhalt enthält keine spezifischen Informationen wie Builds und oder end content Die hier. Star Trek Online guides to help you with creating canon aliens, choosing a ship or career, diplomacy, and much more. We suggest updating your browser to a newer version or using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari #StarTrekOnline #STO #BuildsThe bad guys from Star Trek: Insurrection, the Son'a were a branch off from the power Ba'ku that had been horribly twisted physic.. The Fleet Scryer-class Intel Science Vessel is a Tier 6 Science Vessel which may be flown by Starfleet characters, including Federation-aligned Romulan Republic and Dominion characters. The faction restrictions of this starship can be removed by having a level 65 KDF character or by purchasing the Cross Faction Flying unlock from the Zen Store. This starship can be used from any level upon.

Science Command Battlecruiser - Official Star Trek Online Wiki. Gamepedia. Help . Sign In. Register. Science Command Battlecruiser. From Star Trek Online Wiki . Jump to: navigation, search. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. There are 3 Science. The Reconnaissance Science Vessel is one of the newer line of Federation scientific starships in the Star Trek universe and was built not long after the Dominion war had ended with the purpose of exploration and research. One notable vessel of the Recon line (or more specifically the Luna class) is the USS Titan

44th Fleet's Star Trek Online beginners guide, 90% of all Frequently Asked Questions: Note to 44th Fleet Members: Science Vessels - specializes on healing, debuffing and damage through exotic powers like Gravity Well. Average hulls but strong shields. Are the 'space wizards' in STO. Small Craft - Shuttles and Fighters. Weak damage, weak hull and shields, but the fastest and. Star Trek Online - Basic Engineer Guide. Written by foxfax / Nov 14, 2019 I put enough in Engineering to get all three Ultimates, Long-range Targeting in Science, some minor damage bumps in Tactical and the rest is flavour. This is absolutely the wrong thing to to do, but I like how tanky I am. There are other people who will tell you the meta builds. As you are a Engineering Captain in. Sphere Builder Edoulg Science Vessel - Official Star Trek Online Wiki The Sphere Builder Edoulg-class Science Vessel is a Tier 6 Multi-Mission Science Vessel which may be flown by characters of any faction. This starship can be used from any level upon completion of the tutorial experience Star Trek Online has been out now on PS4 and Xbone for almost seven months, and over the course of the last seven months, myself and several others that I play regularly with have worked and researched on how to build good ships for running elite and advanced queues. in that time we have tested a myriad of things - as much as it is possible to do so - as well as talked to our PC. Your captain's skills are one of the most important aspects of your character in Star Trek: Online, both in terms of how effective you are in combat and in distinguishing your character from others.Although all captains of the same class share the same innate abilities, and all characters have access to the same bridge officer abilities, ships and weapons, how well your character performs.

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Welcome to STO, Cryptic Studio's Star Trek Online! Since many of the game's rules and details aren't immediately obvious, I decided to write a beginner's quick-start guide with information that I've learned while getting started. When starting in the game, the first thing you will need to do is create your character. This is the captain of your ship, the character you will control directly in. In Star Trek Online there are three careers to choose from: Engineering, Tactical, and Science. It's important to understand that none of them is better than the other. They each have different sets of abilities which can help in a variety of situations. Click on the images to learn more about those careers then keep reading below Built to Last From: Temporal Light Cruiser [T6], D7 Battlecruiser [T6], T'Liss Temporal Warbird [T6] Description: Activating a Hull Healing Bridge Officer ability will apply a weapon power cost reduction and a hull regeneration buff. The hull regeneration buff's effectiveness will increase when triggered at low hull strength. Checkmate From: Science Star Cruiser [T6], Gorkon Science.

Char: Star Trek Online, Tscho`Hi, Technik-Offz (weibl.). (Alien) (Alien) Ich habe mich nun entschieden, etwas konsequenter mit Benjiro in Richtung Wissenschaft zu gehen, und mir das Research Science Vessel Retrofit (kurz: Knochen) gegönnt Star Trek Online - das Free2Play MMO, welches mich nun schon seit vielen Jahre fesselt. Kein Game ist fehlerfrei, auch dieses nicht, aber die Community macht es nach wie vor zu etwas besonderem. In zahlreichen Artikeln und drei Videoplaylisten versuche ich die Inhalte, den Spaß und die Raumschiffe etwas näher zu bringen. Man sieht dabei auch deutlich die Entwicklung über die Jahre hinweg. Join the future of the Star Trek Universe in this sci-fi MMORPG exploring the popular worlds from the Star Trek TV shows and movies. Join Starfleet, the Klingon Empire or the Romulan Republic to explore and adventure in the 25th Century. Visit iconic locations from the TV shows and movies, and fly the starships of the past, present and future. Interact with some of your favorite Star Trek. Hey guys has anyone tried an engineer captain with a science build? the ground toys of an engineer look like fun. however i love my space magic. so far i got my gravity well to 11.5k pull and 3500dmg lol. can i get anywhere near that on an engineer captain? thank you for any help you can giv

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My science character is lvl 60 and I followed the science tree all the way to 'Probability Manipulation' but I'm unsure of the points I've allocated to the other trees as far as what's > than what. So any advice, suggestions, and/or guidelines you seasoned players can offer would be greatly appreciated and considered carefully. Thank you! and here is a screen shot of my skill tree Science Builds. Eternal Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel Off-Meta Builds. Torpedo Builds; Elachi S'Ateth Disruptor Turret Build _____ Disclaimer: All of our builds on console have both help from existing builds from the PC version of Star Trek Online, as well as some ingenuity and adaptation for console mechanics. Some builds, such.

Home Ship Builds Eternal Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel - Build. Eternal Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel - Build. Full Build - STO Academy Skill Planner Full Build - Google Docs. Notes: This build is still a work in progress and needs a few pieces. Currently sitting at 510 EPG and 260 ctrlX. Updates: - 2/19/17 - Updated Starship Traits to include usage of Exotic. We're excited to reveal the stats, items and abilities for three new Tier 6 Science Vessels: the Sutherland Class Research Vessel, the Naj'sov Research Vessel and the Laeosa Research Warbird.All three of these ships come equipped with a special console and can unlock a new starship trait at level 5 Starship Mastery

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Starship Stealth is a Tier 2 Science skill available to all Captains.This skill costs 10 Science skill points to unlock.. Details [edit | edit source]. This skill improves all your starship's stealth related abilities, such as cloaking devices.If you do not have any stealth related abilities available on your starship, this skill has no effect at all; it does not provide any innate stealth › Star Trek Online General Discussion. Categories; Discussions; Best Of... phaser build, must haves? spy8446 Member Posts: 506 Arc User. April 2017 edited April 2017 in Star Trek Online General Discussion. im looking for a good mix of phasers for a phaser ship, I also want one of the omni phasers. what ones should i be looking for? I have the retro phaser, bio phaser, a random phaser, the. Star Trek Online - Build Discussion & Theorycrafting r/ stoshipyards. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 22. pinned by moderators . Posted by 9 months ago. Archived. Commentary You Can Trust: A Proposal. 22. 19 comments. share. save. 3. Posted by 3 days ago. Seeking sounding board on a build for my boss... In offline life, I am a Domino's Pizza.

The Science of Star Trek Star Trek Online Build Theory on Console Building From the Ground Up. First - decide what you want to build. Do you want a broadside beam boat, a fast escort, a... Gear Essentials. Beams / Cannons. Unless you are going for a pure science build - in which case you will probably want to build set.... Learn abuot R&D and how to craft new items in Star Trek Online. Crafting R&D Guide. Introduction The crafting system in STO (unlocked when your character is at level 15) is a great way to get some useful equipment to use as you work your way towards even better equipment. There is also some unique items that you can get such as the Aegis set, Omni-Directional beams, and more. In order to. A great guide for the Science profession in Star Trek Online. Information on the Bridge Officer Science abilities, bonuses granted by your deflector dish, and what to do with science consoles. Deflector fields, tachyon beams, tractor beams and more Plan your build first! Combatlog Reader Measure your damage an healing. Saved Character Editor Convert save files. Story Tools. Random Name Generator Measure your damage an healing. Stardate Calculator Captain's log stardate... Other Tools. Custom Signature Use it in forums. Sponsored Links. Sponsored Links. Star Trek® Online game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Cryptic.

Science and Tactical modes. A built-in Tactical Mode ability allows the Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer to switch between a default Science Mode and Tactical Mode. Tactical Mode; Activating the Tactical Mode transforms the starship from a typical Science Vessel into a combat-oriented Destroyer. This disables most of advanced science systems. This Tier 6 starship is a science centric variant of the Command Battlecruiser. It features more science console slots and science bridge officer seats than the other Command Battlecruiser variants. Tier 6; Mininum Rank: Vice Admiral; Hull Strength: 47,437 at level 50 and 55,000 at level 60; Shield Modifier: 1.115; Crew: 750; Fore Weapons: 4; Aft Weapons: 4; Device Slots: 4; Bridge Officer.

Star Trek Online System Power Guide by Kiala. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to system power mechanics and to explain some of the ways power works. System power management is an important part of starship captaincy. My commanding officer, Kiala, has requested that I compile this information to make it available for others. I. Basics II. Captain Skills III. Captain Traits IV. Fleet Hernandez Intel Science Vessel [T6] The Fleet Hernandez Intel Science Vessel [T6] has been specifically designed to support your Fleet. Fleet Starships are built to the highest standard and have increased Hull Hit Points, Shield Strength and an additional Console slot. Ship Details. Tier: 6; Faction: Starfleet and Starfleet Allie Star Trek Online is a MMO, and it has a meta - in fact, unlike most MMO's the meta is pretty broad. It isn't really based on class, or even job, but it centers around how you want to play. The MMO holy trinity exists, but not in the same way a lot of people think about it. DPS is king - whether it is straight up beam or cannon damage, or a science build, damage output, sustain of. In this video I look at my Fleet Atrox build for a Science character. Some of my gear is not the greatest and it may not be the most optimal build out there.. Star Trek Online provides the player with command of a starship which is to some degree customizable. Each new rank will reward the player with access to a new vessel. Players also have the option of purchasing additional ships with either energy credits or dilithium. It is possible to purchase each type of ship available to each rank. There are three categories of vessel for ranks up to.

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Pages in category R&D: Science duty officers The following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total This is the official subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Share your glorious (or hilarious) in-game adventures through stories and screencaps, ask your game related questions, and organize events with your fellow Captains The Pathfinder Long Range Science Vessel is a Tier 6 version of the Intrepid class science vessel. It features a hybrid Intelligence Bridge Officer seat and comes equipped with an Aero Shuttle Bay universal console. Additionally, it can equip the Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit's Ablative Generator universal console. Pathfinder Long Range Science Vessel [T6] Ship Details. Minimum Rank.

Vulcan Science/Intelligence Officer Candidate - Official Star Trek Online Wiki. Gamepedia. Help . Sign In. Register. Vulcan Science/Intelligence Officer Candidate . From Star Trek Online Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This article or section is missing one or more images. It should include in-game screenshots, UI icons, character portraits, maps and/or custom illustrations. For details on. Starship Modeler is the complete information resource for the science fiction, factual space, fantasy, mecha and anime scale model builder. Updated Without Warning - 15 March 2021 Edition . What's New Here? Subscribe to our Newsletter. Help keep this site online with your donation. LATEST UPDATES: HOBBY NEWS - Latest information on upcoming kits, resources, detail sets, references, and other. Science ships in Star Trek Online are different from other ships you can get your hands on. While most players choose other ships due to their better combat capabilities, players who decide to play with science ships are usually more patient and don't mind winning battles in other ways and not only by having more powerful shields of stronger weapons Star Trek Online - Starship Guide for Beginners and Stuff. Written by Deathstalker / Feb 2, 2018 A complete guide on starships and tips on how to improve them in combat n stuff for newbs & returning players. Basic Starship Stuff: Flying and Organising Your First Starship So, your new in star trek online, and you have your ship, but dont know how to use it nor some controlls for them. Well im. These are the official 2410 Odyssey Uniforms introduced in Season 9.5 1 Odyssey uniforms 2 Color coordination 3 Notes 4 External links Red - Command, Tactical, Security, Navigation, Helm Gold - Operations, Engineering, R&D Blue - Science, Medical, Communications Black - Intelligence Navy - Military Assault Command Operations (M.A.C.O.) The Odyssey Tactical uniform has been renamed Odyssey.

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Star Trek Online Duty Officer Recruitment Guide by Eklinaar. The purpose of this guide is to outline all the ways to obtain duty officers, especially high-quality and unique duty officers. This is not a general guide to the DOff system, but is intended to augment already existing general guides. This guide also is not a comprehensive list of. A complete list and stats of every ship in Star Trek Online! Careers in STO Consoles Crafting Create Iconic Aliens Choosing a Ship Duty Officers Fleet Holdings Guide to Weapons Reputation System Tribbles. Datacore. Bridge Officer Skills Dictionary Enemy Database Episode Timeline (Unofficial) Keyboard Map Player Abilities Ships STO Timeline. Downloads. Player Created Aliens STO Wallpaper. Star Trek Online Career Guide <br> If you are brand new to Star Trek Online and just figuring out that you can't play a Mage per se, by Medeor on Jan 19, 2010 Follow Ten Ton Hammer; If you are brand new to Star Trek Online and just figuring out that you can't play a Mage per se, then this is for you. If you're up to speed with STO but want to see which professions each Career offers.

Greetings. Star Trek Online is a very complicated game, which is appallingly bad at teaching new players how to actually play it. It's a very forgiving game up until somewhere around level 30 or so, at which point the difficulty spikes dramatically, usually when a player who has thus far been able to do just about anything in any order they felt like and was able to achieve progress runs. Recommended Star Trek Online Bridge Officer Space Abilities Out of all the things that differentiate your character from every other, Bridge Officer abilities are probably the most important ones. The types of weapons you use, ship you have and skills you picked are very important, but having the right abilities which you can use in combat is invaluable Star Trek Online Community. Hier findet ihr alles rund um Star Trek Online! Star Trek Filme und Star Trek Serien!!! Star Trek Games und Mod Beispiel eines F&E Dialogs von einem Föderations-Spieler (Agents Of Yesterday). Sie sollten sich auch einmal die Liste der herstellbaren Gegenstände mit Rezepten ansehen. Forschung und Entwicklung (F&E) ist das Produktionssystem von Star Trek Online. Es verwendet F&E Materialien um F&E Komponente Captain to away team: Set fists to Obliterize! It's time again for Captain's Log, our weekly venture into the cosmos of Star Trek Online. Steel your nerves and ready your weapons, because we.

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Nimoy Family and Boston's Museum of Science Announce Vulcan Salute Monument . News & Updates. Star Trek: The Original Series . The Star Trek: The Pod Directive Season 2 Trailer Has Arrived. News & Updates. Upcoming Series. BREAKING: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Begins Production. News. Star Trek: Picard. The Ultimate Star Trek Binge Guide. News & Updates. Star Trek: Lower Decks. Star Trek. Build Advice. The Dyson science destroyer variants pose an interesting conundrum for captains—find a way to make it into a DPS monster, aim for flying it like a science vessel, or utilize the ability to switch between the two modes and wreak havoc. Star Trek Online has always been a game long on giving greater benefit to excessive DPS, but the science destroyer's transformational.

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Let's say you like Star Trek Online enough to want to buy a regular subscription for the game. Well, you'll just have to show your monetary support with the new Star Trek Online Elite Starter Pack instead, a new one-time purchase that is replacing the game's monthly sub fee entirely. The Elite Starter Pack will grant you a new character slot, 20 shared bank slots, 5 Captain Retrain. Star Trek Online Space Science Skills and Powers Guide by Dr.Danger. Your trying to decide where to put skills and you read the description and it gives 2 examples of what it improves. But thats just an example! What other powers does it boost?! Its just so frustrating! To help both myself, and my fellow science captains I created a massive list of all the SPACE science skills and powers. For. The following is a list of Science vessels in Star Trek Online. 1 Federation 1.1 Science Ships 1.2 Science Vessel 1.3 Research Vessels 1.4 Long Range Vessel 1.5 Deep Space Vessel 1.6 Deep Space Vessel (variant) Although Science ships lack the massive firepower of other classes, their technology grants them distinct advantages in combat. Their advanced deflector and sensors can easily identify. A guide to Star Trek Online's Duty Officer system and how it works. We suggest updating your browser to a newer version or using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Sponsored Link Star Trek Online is a free-to-play sci-fi MMORPG set in the famous Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry. In this massively multiplayer online game from Cryptic Studios, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship. Or they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy. Players can even work to rebuild the Romulan.

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STO Academy Forum › Star Trek Online › STO Discussions Klingon Science Builds I'm also running a Klingon Science build, but I'm going for a more offensive strategy until I get to Carriers (just want to give them a shot). Let me know if you want to team up or anything. I've run through the ranks a couple of times, so maybe I can help you out. Just let me know. Happy Hunting. Find. After playing around with the Negh'Var, I tried both cannon and beam builds, I'm having a lot more fun and doing a hell of a lot more damage with the Destroyer. The Negh'var is still a better tank but in the Destroyer I'm fast enough to run away if I get into trouble (10-13-2016, 09:47 AM) PhazeUK Wrote: I've always chosen to do a Tac DPS build when playing this game, but a week or so ago I started up a fed science build, I've got to level 50 and have the T5-U, Nebula from a promo a long time ago. Basically i've no idea what to do with a science build, i'm currently using polaron beam weapons (dont know why) and the ship just feels weak, it dies easy and. For Star Trek Online on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Science officer captain build help.

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Star Trek Online Impulse Engines Guide by fuzun. Section I The Basics . Once you've gotten upward in grade and/or rank you've probably discovered there are lots of different impulse engines. In this guide, I will set out to demystify and simplify impulse engine. Without further adieu let's get started. The impulse engines is the equipment on your ship that allows your ships to at sub. In Star Trek Online gibt es viel zu entdecken, zu sammeln und auszuprobieren. Der Level-Guide von Buffed.de zu Star Trek Online soll Ihnen daher helfen, auf möglichst angenehme Art und Weise vom.

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Star Trek remains as one of the popular and most relevant sci-fi franchise in history. Fifty years after its pilot episode, what initially began as a 1960s series grew into an empire with new series, a movie trilogy, and video games, including an MMO: Star Trek Online (STO) While furiously punching buttons might make you feel like you're a Starfleet officer trying to recalibrate the spatial whatever to defeat the technowhoosit, it gets old after a while — especially if you find yourself constantly changing your Star Trek Online build to meet the situation In what we consider true canon of star trek (tv show/movies), this is not answered. In the lower tiers of cannon it was answered in the star trek online mmo. In sto this and another dyson sphere were created by a race called the solangae, we also have instances in game of dyson spheres being created by the iconians Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios based on the Star Trek franchise. The game is set in the 25th century, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. Star Trek Online is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game within the Star Trek franchise and was released for Microsoft Windows in February 2010 Star Trek Online Keyboard Maps. These are the default keyboard maps for ground and space control in Star Trek Online. Click on the map you want to open up the full screen version of it

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Discover the 10 best Star Trek Online ships to add to your fleet. [Top 10] Star Trek Online Best Ships Skip to main content Odyssey Science Cruiser. The Odyssey's worker repair bees can have you back to scientific exploration in no time! Not everyone in the game is just into DPS. For many, the thrill of a science exploration vessel is real. The Odyssey Science Cruiser, shown here with the. A humanoid species native to the planet Trill, Trill are characterized by two rows of spots that descend down each side of their body from forehead to toe.Trill are generally friendly and many serve the Federation as ambassadors or politicians. They are technologically advanced and the Trill Science Academy is a center of learning and exploration known throughout the Federation. There is a. 1 Federation 2 Klingons 3 Cardassians 4 Romulan Star Empire The United Federation of Planets is an alliance of many different species from numerous worlds, working together toward a goal of justice, equality and liberty. The Federation believes in pursuing knowledge and exploration. It includes the following races: Human Andorian Bajoran Benzite Betazoid Bolian Saurian Trill Vulcan Alien The. When you play Star Trek Online, you get an option of characters to play at the start. One of the choices is between three different Starfleet factions. This can be confusing, so we've broken down what the major differences are and the pros and cons of selecting between them. Differences Between Starfleet, STO and Discovery . Not a lot! All three merge into the same continuity after they.

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Star Trek Online, oft auch einfach STO abgekürzt, ist ein Massen-Mehrspieler-Online-Rollenspiel (engl. MMORPG), welches von Cryptic Studios entwickelt wurde. Das Spiel basiert auf der von Gene Roddenberry erschaffenen Serie Star Trek, wurde am 2.Februar 2010 veröffentlicht und ist das erste MMORPG im Star-Trek-Universum.Ab Januar 2012 wurde von pay-to-play (Kaufen um spielen zu können) auf. Ausrüstung. Die wichtigsten Ausrüstungsgegenstände eines Wissenschaftlers sind zweifelsohne Subsystemenrgie-Verstärker wie der romulanische Nullpunkt (insbesondere Hilfsenergie), Schilderhöhungen wie z.B. Feldgeneratoren und allgemein hohe Schilde, als Empfehlung wäre Folgendes sinnvoll (nur allgemein, jede Flugvariante hat bessere Optionen, dies deckt nur das Komplettpack ab) Atari Launches Star Trek™ Online Architect - Fans Can Build Custom Ships and Win a Custom Captain's Chair - July 15, 2010 - Atari, one of the world's most recognized publishers and.

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