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Here is an easy way to physically perform a password recovery on a Cisco Catalyst Switch. Step 1: Connect your PC or terminal into the switch console port with the blue console cable. Step 2: Open up a Hyperterminal for emulation and set the speed to 9600 baud. Step 3: Unplug the power cable to the switch Before powering on the switch hold the mode button located at the front of the switch on the left side. Step 7: Power on the switch Cisco Switches do not have an on\off switch, they are simply powered on by supplying power to them

Password Recovery Steps for Cisco Catalyst Switches

  1. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches - Password Recovery - Cisco. Support. Product Support. Switches. Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
  2. This page is an index of password recovery procedures for Cisco products. For security reasons, the password recovery procedures listed here require physical access to the equipment. Note: Cisco has announced the end of sale for the Cisco LocalDirector. Refer to the LocalDirector 400 Series End-of-Life and End-of-Sale Notices and Product Bulletins.
  3. In diesem Artikel wird die Startup Konfiguration des Routers umgangen. Die Methode ist besonders dann hilfreich, wenn das Kennwort des Routers nicht mehr bekannt ist und ein Login nicht möglich ist. Nach der Grundkonfiguration eines Routers kann es passieren, dass das Kennwort vergessen wurde. Dann muss gehandelt werden. ROMMON Modus Schalten Sie den Router aus
  4. The enable password password can be recovered but the enable secret password is encrypted and can only be replaced with a new password using the procedure below. Note: This password recovery procedure works for the following Cisco products: Cisco 806. Cisco 827. Cisco uBR900
  5. alprogramm rommon 1 > confreg 0x2142 rommon 2 > reset. Nach dem Neustart gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten:-Vorhandende Konfiguration beibehalten und Passwörter ändern. Router> enabl
  6. Reset Cisco Switch Factory Defaults. Quick and Dirty Befehl, um einen Cisco Switch auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen zu können. Reset Cisco Switch ist hier das Thema! Manchmal antwortet das System nicht mehr. Wenn man das Kennwort / Passwort vergessen hat, kann der Switch auch zurück gesetzt werden. Die Cisco Befehle um das durchzuführen.
  7. If the default username or password doesn't work, it means that it's been changed. Unlike residential routers, the Cisco business and enterprise-class routers and switches have specific password recovery features, meaning that a full factory reset (the typical reset-a-password process) isn't required

The Cisco password recovery procedure involves interrupting the switch's normal boot procedure, renaming the flash:config.text (that's the startup-config file for switches) to something else e.g flash:config.text.old so that the configuration file is skipped during bootup · An assistant to help (if the switch is in a rack) Steps for Password Recovery of Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches. Below are t he steps which you need to follow to recover password from Cisco 3850 series switches: Step 1. Connect your console cable to the 3850 and guarantee you can get a command prompt Password: Password: Password: % Bad secrets. To fix this problem you need to connect your router to the console port, you can't do this remotely through telnet or SSH. Reboot the router (just hit the power switch) and send the BREAK signal. This tells the router to ignore loading the IOS (Cisco's Operating System). If you are using Windows and Putty you can probably use the CTRL-BREAK combination to send a break signal. If this doesn't work you can try some of the other.

Resetting a Cisco Switch to Default & Password Recovery

Complete these steps to recover your password: Note: Make sure that you have physical access to the switch and that you use console access to the Supervisor Engine module while you perform these steps. For details on the switch console connection, refer to Connecting a Modem to the Console Port on Catalyst Switches Perform these steps in order to recover your password: Either switch off or shut down the router. Remove the compact flash that is on the rear of the router. This image shows the rear of the 2951 router: For more information, refer to Back Panel Slots and Connectors on the Cisco 2921 and 2951 Routers. Switch on the router

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches - Password Recovery

  1. Password Recovery - Cisco 2960 Switch. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in 8
  2. Password Recovery Procedure Not surprisingly, the instructions for Cisco Password Recovery Procedure are found readily on the internet via any search engine. On this page, one merely needs to scroll down to the particular product series and click the respective link. We are interesting in the documentation for Password Recovery of the Cisco Catalyst Layer 2 fixed configuratio
  3. In this video we look at how to break into a Cisco Switch. We will perform the password recovery procedure on a live Cisco 3560 series POE switch. The proces..
  4. When the switches rebooted, it promptly asked for a password (fortunately, it was CISCO. At the user mode (switch>) it will not execute a flash_init command! It will not allow the deleting of the config.txt file either! I thought that these instruction would reset the switch to factory defaults? If memory serves me correct, Cisco switches DO NOT HAVE PASSWORDS

How To Reset Cisco Switch Password. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in 8 The No Service Password-Recovery feature is a security enhancement that prevents anyone with console access from accessing the router configuration and clearing the password. It also prevents anyone from changing the configuration register values and accessing NVRAM. This feature was introduced in Cisco IOS Release 12.3(8)YA Even if you forget your Cisco device (read router or switch) password you can recover it by following the steps outlined in this article. This includes enable passwords, secret passwords, telnet, SSH and console passwords. This process involves changing the configuration register of your Cisco device so that it ignores the NVRAM contents and loads the default configuration. For this process. Just a short video showing you how to reset the password on a Cisco router. As a consultant, this happens to me all the time. A client calls, wants some ro.. This document describes the password recovery procedure for the Cisco Catalyst 2900-XL and the Cisco Catalyst 3500-XL. Step-by-Step Procedure. Attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation to the console port of the switch. Use the following terminal settings: 9600 baud rate No parity 8 data bits No stop bit. Unplug the power cable. Hold down the mode button while reconnecting the power cord.

For Online training classes : http://www.networkkings.org/No time for class buy Videos : https://www.nwkings.comFor admission whatsapp us : +918130537300Fre.. Unable to reset password Cisco 3550 Switch Hi, I just bought 2 used 3550 switch and reset the password on one of 3550 switch successfully, but the other switch does not take Ctrl+Break. When I press the mode bottom with power, the first LED goes out, tried Ctrl+Break many times, go to user prompt instead of switch: The most frequently happening situation is that switch is password protected by other students. These instruction will detailed explain how to crack Cisco switch password for model catalyst 2950 which is common used for majority computer networking laboratories in College. Steps . 1. Connect computer to the catalyst 2950 Switch using console cable. 2. Plug console cable RJ-45 side into console. 10. Reboot the device and you should be back with your original configuration but with a password that you know! AS with switch,for example cisco 2960, you may do as follows: 1. Power off and back on the device. 2. hit MODEM button on the switch for a few seconds. 3. Once you are at the switch:> prompt, type flash_init and press enter. 4 Step การ Password Recovery ต อไปนี้สามารถทําได ที่ Cisco Catalyst Layer 2 รุ น 2900XL/3500XL, 2940, 2950/2955, 2960 , 2970 Series และ Cisco Catalyst Layer 3 รุ น 3550, 3560 และ 3750 Series Step Password Recovery 1. เสียบสาย console และเป ด terminal เช น Hyper Termians เพื่อ console เข า switch โดยผ าน port consol

Password Recovery Procedures - Cisco

Cisco: Kennwort zurücksetzen (Router/Switch) - SID-500

However the Frustrating part is that in order to boot into the SWITCH ROM, you need someone physically at the switch to unplug it and press in the MODE button on the front of the switch and hold it down while the power is plugged back in. This lab will discuss resetting and/or clearing the password(s) for the Cisco Catalyst LAN Switches including but not limited to the 2900XL, 2950, 3500XL, 3550, 3560, 3750 Series switches Sollten Sie das Enable-Passwort vergessen haben oder es falsch gesetzt haben, helfen nur noch die Cisco Password Recovery Techniques, die einen Verlust der Konfiguration mit sich bringen This is lab environment, so to make recovery faster we will configure recovery timer 30 seconds. Cisco-SW (config)#errdisable recovery cause psecure-violation Cisco-SW (config)#errdisable recovery interval 30. Now, let's check recovery reason and status again by using show errdisable recovery command

Password recovery - Cisco Communit

CISCO IOS Passwort reset/recovery - R33NET BLO

Reset Cisco Switch Factory Defaults - www

  1. al. {smallUrl:https:\/\/www.wikihow.com\/images\/thumb\/3\/32\/Crack-Cisco-Switch-Password-for-Catalyst-2950-Step-5
  2. Decrypt online Cisco type 7 passwords. Cisco's Type 7 encyrption uses a weak algorithm. IPv4 IPv6 CISCO DECODER PASSWORDS. Calculadora Redes . NETWORK-CALCULATOR.COM Decrypt Cisco passwords. CISCO PASSWORD. CISCO PASSWORD. ATTENTION: The use of this tool for malicious or illegal purposes is forbidden! We disclaim all responsibility for any direct or indirect damage as a result of the use of.
  3. Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, AccessPro, and 7000. Description Step-by-Step Procedure Example of Password Recovery on a Cisco 250
  4. Both command will set the password to cisco. Another thing that we need to do is to change the configuration register to 0x2102 so that startup configuration is loaded when router is rebooted. Type in the following command. #config-register 0x2102
  5. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to do a Password recovery on a Cisco Switch 2960 without losing your device configuration. Cisco Switch Playlist: On this page, we offer quick access to a list of videos related to Cisco Switch. Playlist. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel named FKIT. Cisco Switch Related Tutorial: On this page, we offer quick access to a list of.
  6. then edit the file. If it's a 'enable' password, you'll be able to see it. If it's a 'enable' secret, then replace the line with 'enable password yourpassword'. Save the file, load it back onto the switch from the same tab as above. Power cycle the switch so that it loads the startup config, and you should be good to go
  7. Note: This password recovery procedure works for the following Cisco products: Step 1: Hit ctrl / break directly after powering up the router. If the break sequence does not work, refer to Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery for other key combinations

First, power off the switch a n d connect the console cable to the port on the back of the switch. The parameter for your terminal emulator should be set to as followings One Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch or switch stack which you have forgotton or do not know the password for. A laptop with a console cable; An assistant to help (if the switch is in a rack) Password Recovery Cisco Catalyst 3850 - Step 1. Connect your console cable to the 3850 and ensure you can get a command prompt Cisco - IOS XE Password Recovery on Catalyst 3850. NOTE: Mr. Bray recommends disabling the ability to recover the password/config with one of these commands (varies): no service password-recovery or system disable password recovery switch all. Apply power to the switch. Immediately press the Mode button while the System LED is flashing. Hold the Mode button until all the system LEDs turn on. Having trouble signing in? To reset your password, enter the email address associated with your account We've shown you how to recover lost passwords and gain control of a Cisco router. Of course there are mechanisms, which can be enabled, that will not allow you to perform the password recovery procedure. In this case, any attempt to recover the passwords or configuration will result in the erasure of the device's configuration

Cisco Default Password List (Updated March 2021

Here I put the procedure to recover the password of a Cisco 2800 (the procedure may vary depending on the platform) 1 Log in to the router console. 2 Turn off the router . 3 Turn on the router . 4 Press the Pause key on the PC connected to the router for the first 60 seconds when the router is on. This will make the router starts in ROMmon mode (identified by the prompt rommon1>) 5. Now. Switch: SWITCH_DISABLE_PASSWORD_RECOVERY=0 Then boot the switch. Switch: boot Once the switch has booted you can copy the saved config back into the running config. Switch# copy start runn Next set your password(s). Finally we want to remove the variables we set while in Boot Loader. Switch# no system ignore startupconfig switch all Switch.

What users were not aware was that there are two different type of encryption mechanisms used by Cisco's IOS, one which was reversable (Type 7 Passwords) and one which is not (Type 5). Even until today, administrators and users still make use of the weaker Type 7 passwords , mainly because they aren't aware that these passwords can be decrypted We can email you a link to reset your password. The link can be used only once. If you requested this email but did not receive it, check your spam folder for an email from Cisco. If the link has expired, you can request a new one. If you have a verified mobile phone number, you can reset your password by SMS text message Cisco MDS 9148 SAN Switch Admin Password Reset Hi, We have move one Cisco SAN Switch from one DC to another DC since then we are not able to to the Switch

Steps to Recover Password on a Cisco 1242 Access Point? 1. Connect to the 1242's Web interface by directing a Web browser to the access point's IP address as decided during its setup. Attempt to log in with the default administrator username Cisco with the password Cisco. Be sure to capitalize the C. If this does not work. Password Recovery Procedure for Cisco SG500 / SG300 Switches View Larger Image Cisco documentation is out there for this, but searching for it generally only comes back with forum questions and responses If you have forgotten the password of your cisco switch, you should follow the procedure for password recovery: 1- Power up the device after connecting the device with the console. console. 2-In order to start our device in recovery mode, we start by pressing the mode button at the bottom left of our switch Default Usernames and Passwords; Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Catalyst 1600 Token Ring Switch; Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst 2600, 3000, 3100, and 3200 Switches; Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst For 2900XL, 3500XL, 2940, 2950, 2960, 2970, 3550, 3560, and 3750 series switches (with keeping/save configuration Reset the lost passwords or create a new user account. XYZ-Switch# conf t. XYZ-Switch(config)# username admin privilege 15 secret Cisco123. XYZ-Switch(config)# enable secret Cisco321. Step 7. Remove the boot variables back to default for the boot loader process. #XYZ-Switch(config)# no system ignore startupconfig switch all. Step 8. Save the.

Password Recovery / Password Reset Procedure for Catalyst

  1. al. If you are using PUTTY, right click on the top of PUTTY Window, and select Special Command > Break
  2. al or a computer running ter
  3. Password Recovery for Nexus Switches. On a Windows PC, change the keyboard layout to en-US. Connect to the Nexus switch directly via serial console ( not over ssh/telnet/Opengear etc.) using TeraTerm or PuTTY. The above two steps are not required any longer
  4. al or PC to the switch. 2. Set the line speed on the emulation software to 9600 baud. 3. Power off the standalone switch or the entire switch stack. 4. Reconnect the power cord to the or the active switch. Within 15 seconds, press the Mode button while the System LED is still flashing green. Continue pressing the Mode button until all the system LEDs tur
  5. Javascript is far too slow to be used for serious password breaking, so this tool will only work on weak passwords. enable secret 5 $1$SpMm$eALjeyED.WSZs0naLNv22/. username user secret 5 $1$SpMm$eALjeyED.WSZs0naLNv22/. Take the type 5 password, such as the text above in red, and paste it into the box below and click Crack Password
  6. (config-line)#password con_pw: Setzt das Konsolenkennwort (config-line)#: Aktiviert die Kennwortabfrage: Enable Password & Secret >enable: Wechselt in den privileged mode: #conf t: Wechselt in den globalen Konfigurationsmodus (config)#enable password cisco1: Setzt das unverschlüsselte Enable Kennwort (config)#enable secret cisco

To start configuration, you want to connect the switch console to PuTTY. You can do this by doing the following: Connect the switch to PuTTY with a 9-pin serial cable. Now open PuTTY and the PuTTY Configuration window will display. Go to the Connection type settings and check the Serial option (shown below) First, power-off the switch by unplugging the power cable, press and hold the MODE button, power on the switch by plugging the power cable. Hold the MODE button until the SYST LED stops blinking and if you're connected via console, you will see The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.. 2 Cisco 2900 Password Recovery via Ejecting Compact Flash (CF) Card; Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco 2900 Integrated Services Router; Password Recovery Procedures (for all Cisco Products) Cisco Switch 2960 / 3560 Password Recovery Procedure

Student video on password recovery for Cisco 1941 router

How to Recover Password from Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series

  1. Recovering the Cisco IOS Image on a fix configuration Cisco Catalyst Series Switch is quite a bit different and more of an old school way of doing an IOS image recovery. Unfortunately fixed configuration switches require the use of xModem to restore a corrupt or missing IOS images unlike the Cisco 4500 and Cisco 6500 Series supervisor engines which use compact flash card
  2. For network users it is a common problem that you lost or forgot the password of a network switch. How to recover password on a Cisco switch/Cisco catalyst 3850? We will show you the following basic steps needed to recover the password on catalyst 3850 series. Power cycle the switch. Immediately press and hold the Mode button. Hold the button for approximately 12 seconds, the Status LED will go amber. On the console you should be in Boot Loader
  3. ต องการเปลี่ยน Password Line Console jodoi(config) # line console 0 jodoi(config-line) # password 1234 jodoi(config-line) # เปลี่ยนรหัสผ าน enable password ให เป น cisco jodoi(config) # enable password cisco
  4. The switch boots that file up startup. In the password recovery process you are informed to either rename that file to config.old or delete it. The startup-config is saved to NVRAM, but it is mapped to the config.text file. That is why when you delete it or rename it, the NVRAM is now bypassed. It is simple file mapping. Source : Difference between config.text and startup-config on a switch.
  5. SW1(config)#line console 0 SW1(config-line)#password cisco SW1(config-line)#. First, we use the line console 0 command to dive into the line configuration. You can recognize this because it shows (config-line). I used the password command to specify a password (cisco) and the command to tell the switch to ask for this password. Next time you access the console, it will ask for this password

Goal: Get into an 1811 that has the No Service Password-Recovery feature enabled. Limitation: Because this feature is enabled it simply means when you do password recovery the entire config will be wiped. Problem: Cisco's documentation on this is WRONG Password Recovery of a Cisco 4510R+E 10 slot with two SUP-7's and eight 48-port 10/100/1000 blades. September 19, 2011 dmcmullenii Leave a comment Go to comments I am currently configuring a Cisco Catalyst 4510R+E 10 slot switch with two SUP-7's and eight 45 port gig blades

Password recovery for Catalyst switches is a bit different than for Cisco routers. password recovery for Catalyst switches does not involve booting in the ROM monitor or changing the configuration register. password for Catalyst switches. This section explains the recovery process Worked on a used cisco switch 2960 which has been configured password. Following steps have been recorded how to get into recover mode. 1. Connect Console Cable Cisco provides a couple of ports for console access, such as Console port, Mini USB port, AUX port Fortunately there is a Cisco password recovery procedure for IOS routers which you can follow and bypass password control in order to get access to the device. The bad thing is that this procedure will cause network downtime since you have to reboot the router a couple of times. Follow the steps below to recover (or change) the forgotten router password: The following procedure is applicable.

How to Recover Password on Cisco IOS Router? - Router

Reset Cisco Prime Infrastructure GUI password. Posted on June 23, 2018. July 30, 2020. 80211 80211 Posted in Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Run the following command to reset PI root GUI password. vprime3one/admin# ncs password root password password!ha 1-) FOr Cisco Password Recovery, firstly we will prevent the IOS load at the beginning.For this during startup use CTRL+BREAK (CTRL+C).By doing this, we will enter the rommon mode.By the way rommon mode is a limited operating system on router Configure telnet password on Cisco router & switches. R1#conf t R1(config)#line vty 0 4 R1(config-line)#password cisco R1(config-line)# R1(config-line)#end R1#copy running-config startup-config Destination filename [startup-config]? Building configuration... [OK] R1# //Remember to set your enable password for full access. R1(config)#enable secret yourPassWord. How to set console password.

Password Recovery Procedure for Catalyst 4500/4000 - Cisco

If you forgot the password of your Cisco switch, the first question is How to break cisco switch password ! Cisco switch password recovery process is a great way to reset your password. In this article we have shown you the resetting process at routers. Today we will examine how cisco switch password recovery is done. First [ More Cisco 3750 Fun: Password Recovery Without Reloading The Stack Ethan Banks November 9, 2010 First off, there are no miracles here, but in certain circumstances, this process could help you recover the credentials to a production Cisco 3750 stack without having to reload the entire stack and run the normal Cisco password recovery procedure

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Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco 2900 Integrated

Refer to Password Recovery Procedures for information on how to recover passwords for related products. Conventions Refer to Cisco Technical Tips Conventions for information on document conventions Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, AccessPro, 7000 (RP), AGS, IGS, and STS-10x. Step-by-Step Procedure . Complete these steps in order to recover a lost or forgotten password: Attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation to the console port of the router. Use these terminal settings: 9600 baud rate . No parity.

One thought on How to Enable Password For line VTY Cisco (Telnet Password) on Cisco Router/Switch (Using Cisco Packet Tracer) Jimmy says: January 20, 2019 at 9:49 am Thanks for your marvelous posting! I truly helped me configuring VTY line password and telnet password, I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back later in life. I want to encourage you continue your great. In this article, I will try to explain how to enable the Cisco enable password. 1. Connect the switch to the computer via the console port via a putty or SecureCRT style program. 2. Unplug the switch in power cable. 3. Power on the switch again and hold down the mode button on the left side of the switch as soon as you power the switch. This opens the switch prompt screen. switch mode button.

To encrypt local router passwords, use the service password-encryption command in global configuration mode as shown above. This command applies to line passwords, username passwords, enable passwords, and authentication key passwords, including routing authentication passwords and key strings. By default, IOS does not encrypt passwords. Because password recovery depends on using ROMMON mode and maintaining the existing configuration, this erasure prevents you from recovering a password. However, disabling password recovery prevents unauthorized users from viewing the configuration or inserting different passwords. In this case, to restore the system to an operating state, load. 3.- Password Recovery or a Blank start. Reset the privilege EXEC mode password on a Cisco router 1.- Enter into Recovery Mode. Turn on the switch and keep pressing the Mode button until you see how the switches breaks its sequence and starts into Recovery Mode 2.- What to do on the Recovery Mode. Once the switch lets you in into the Recovery. Need to reset your Cisco Catalyst 3560 back to the factory default settings? Have you forgotten your password? Well you have come to the right place. Note that I am assuming that you have already established a console connection to the switch using a Cisco serial cable (rollover cable) Leave a Comment on How to Reset a Cisco 3650 Catalyst Switch. Also see how the console port is accessed via the com port on Putty. Part A: First you need to power down the switch. Once the switch is powered off, hold down the mode button, and power the switch on. The switch will boot up and you should see the switch prompt as shown below. Note: This interrupts the boot process before the Flash.

Cisco Routers Password Types:-----Type 0 this mean the password will not be encrypted when router store it in Run/Start Files starting from IOS 15.3(3). Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) with Secure Hash Algorithm, 26-bits (SHA-256) as the hashing algorithm . Example : R1(config)#enable algorithm-type sha256 secret cisco. R1(config)#do sh run | i enable. enable secret 8 $8. Tutorial - HP Switch Password Recovery First, you need to access the console of your HP Switch. In our example, we are going to use a Opensource software named Putty and a computer running Windows

Password Recovery - Cisco 2960 Switch - YouTub

The standard command to create user account and password in Cisco IOS is shown in the example below, and it must be executed in global configuration mode. GeekRtr(config)#username admin password letmein123. With above configuration you have successfully created username Cisco IOS device. However, there is one major weakness in this configuration and it will be explained in this sub-section. How to Reset a Cisco Network Switch. By Robert Calaceto Posted on August 29, 2018. Time to Read:-words. This guide will inform you on how to reset a Cisco Network switch by first entering ROM mode to reset the password, and then by changing the settings on the switch back to their defaults. Resetting a Cisco Network Switch Needed Items. Desktop / Laptop Computer ; PuTTY https://www.chiark. Unplug Cisco 3560-X power Hold down Mode button on front, and plug in power Continue to hold Mode for about 15 seconds, until the SYST LED turns solid green, then release Log into the switch via console, you should see the switch: prompt Enter . Toggle navigation The Network Stack Home; About; Cisco 3560-X Password Reset February 14, 2014 0 Comments cisco. Unplug Cisco 3560-X power; Hold.

Cisco CCNA Packet Tracer Ultimate labs: Switch and Router

The password-recovery mechanism has been triggered, but is currently disabled. Access to the boot loader prompt through the password-recovery mechanism is disallowed at this point. However, if you agree to let the system be reset back to the default system configuration, access to the boot loader prompt can still be allowed. Would you like to reset the system back to the default configuration (y/n) The following procedure will help starters set up passwords in Cisco Routers and Switches running Cisco IOS. Enable Password Encryption By default, except for the enable secret password, all other passwords are stored in blank texts in the running config. So, anyone who gets access to the Privilege EXEC mode has access to all passwords. This can be prevented by a global configuration which. เวลาที่ Recovery Password บน Switch โดยการปิด และ เปิด Switch ใหม่ แล้วกดปุ่ม Mode ค้างไว้ แล้วเจอข้อความนี้ The password-recovery mechanism has been triggered, but is currently disabled. Access to the boot loader prompt through the password-recovery mechanism is.

How to perform Cisco password revovery on Cisco catalystPassword Recovery Procedure for Cisco SG500 / SG300Student video on Basic Cisco Router Configuration UsingInteresting Features and Specifications of Cisco Catalyst
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