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Anna Navarre is one of the two mechanically augmented agents working for UNATCO and Majestic 12 in Deus Ex. She sports extensive mechanical augmentation and is very loyal to UNATCO and Majestic 12. Anna is at first JC Denton's ally, but eventually becomes an enemy Anna Navarre (* ca. 2010, † 2052) ist eine Agentin der United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. Sie ist ein mit mechanischen Implantaten ausgestatteter, weiblicher Cyborg und seit Gründung, ein Mitglied der UNATCO. Mit dem Agenten Gunther Hermann verbindet sie eine enge Freundschaft. Navarre steht JC Denton skeptisch gegenüber, weil er als Agent mit Nanoimplantaten der neueren Generation. Agentin Anna Navarre ist eine Schurkin aus dem 2000 erschienenen Videospiel Deus Ex.. Navarre ist eine blutdurstige UNATCO-Agentin und wird JC Denton als Partner und Überwacher zur Seite gestellt. Zusammen mit Navarre bestreitet Denton Missionen in New York, wo Navarres primäres Ziel ist, die gestohlenen Ambrosia-Container zurückzuerobern und den NSF-Anführer Juan Lebedev zu ermorden Anna Navarre is a ruthless female mechamod UNATCO agent in the sci-fi world of the Deus Ex video game. Anna is in charge of the supervision of the main protagonist, JC Denton for whom she constantly downplays the field performance because of his enhanced physical abilities and his diplomatic approach to counter-terrorism

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Anna Navarre's turn.0:00 - No (Shotgun)0:29 - Classic tripwire (LAM)0:48 - Fakeout (non-lethal LAM + very lethal LAMs)1:12 - BBQ (Flamethrower + LAMs)1:38 -. Anna Navarre's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It belongs to Anna Navarre and is located in her office on Level 3 of UNATCO HQ. The is anavarre and the password is scryspc. The first five e-mails are available during the player's first visit in the HQ

A vile female mechamod UNATCO agent. Join our community of creatives and start showing us your works When I first played Deus Ex, I thought it was really sad that Lebedev had to be killed by either me or Navarre. But I was wrong! After a bit of experimenting.. Anna Navarre is one of the three major characters and one of the major antagonists of the dystopian cyberpunk shooter Deus Ex. She is one of the augmented operatives of the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Great moments in PC gaming: Killing Anna Navarre in Deus Ex. 38 mins ago. admin. No Comments. Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Deus Ex (Image credit: Eidos Interactive) Year: 2000 Developer: Ion Storm. The mission to kill NSF leader Juan Lebedev aboard his 747 in one of the early Deus Ex stages seems like a straightforward part of. Deus Ex ist der erste Teil einer Spieletrilogie im Cyberpunk-Stil. Es ist das erste Spiel einer Trilogie, wurde von Ion Storm entwickelt und von Eidos im Jahr 2000 veröffentlicht. Es verbindet Elemente eines Action RPG mit dem Genre des Ego-Shooters

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Great moments in PC gaming: Killing Anna Navarre in Deus Ex. romeu. 2021-01-24. 0. 41. Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Deus Ex (Image credit: Eidos Interactive) Year: 2000 Developer: Ion Storm . The mission to kill NSF leader Juan Lebedev aboard his 747 in one of the early Deus Ex stages seems like a straightforward part of your. Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Deus Ex (Image credit: Eidos Interactive) Year: 2000Developer: Ion Storm The mission to kill NSF leader Juan Lebedev aboard his 747 in one of the early Deus Ex stages seems like a straightforward part of your job as an up-and-coming [ Great moments in PC gaming: Killing Anna Navarre in Deus Ex. Nice moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of a few of our favourite gaming recollections. Deus Ex (Symbol credit score: Eidos Interactive) 12 months: 2000 Developer: Ion Typhoon . The challenge to kill NSF chief Juan Lebedev aboard his 747 in some of the early Deus Ex phases turns out like an easy a part of your process. Great moments in PC gaming: killing Anna Navarre in Deus Ex. admin 1 week ago Articles Leave a comment 1 Views. Related Articles. Shudder's Horror Noire: A Timely Look At The History Of The Black Horror Film. 8 mins ago. In Legendary Edition, Mass Effect's infamous elevator towers are more than three times faster. 9 mins ago . Review of Tohu | PC player. 31 mins ago. The great moments of.

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Anna Navarre est un personnage de Deus Ex. 1 Biographie 1.1 Dans «Deus Ex» 2 Augmentation mécaniques 3 Voir aussi 4 Notes 5 Galerie Bras cybernétique Jambe cybernétique Ordinateur d'Anna Navarre Anna Navarre peut être tuée à trois moments différents du jeu: la première occasion se situe dans.. Das Majestic Council of the Twelve, oder kurz: Majestic-12, MJ12 oder MJ-12, ist eine geheim operierende Gruppierung mit dem Ziel die Herrschaft über die Welt zu erlangen. Gründer und Koordinator ist Bob Page, ein Mitglied der Illuminati. Die UNATCO ist dabei eine wichtige Untergruppierung. Zudem besitzt die Majestic-12 geheime Laboratorien auf der gesamten Welt. In der Mitte des 20. Deus Ex (Video Game 2000) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Menu. Movies Anna Navarre / Janice Reed / Maggie Chow / Agathe / Aimee / Annette / Dr. Brittany Prinzler / Female Clinic Bum / MJ12 Lab Assistant / MJ12 Lab Bio-Weapon Scientist / MJ12 Lab Computer Scientist / MJ12. Apocalypse Inside is born from the back-story of the Deus Ex saga. It revives the content of Deus Ex that didn't make it into the game, including story elements, levels, textures and characters. Follow us for the updates on the release! Artem Tantalus D - Project director, Lead Writer, Lead Level Designer, Texture Designer, Programmer, Soundtrack Dmitriy CorpArmstrong Fedykovych - Senior. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie

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Roughly ten years before the events of Deus Ex 1 take place. Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann have worked together for many years. Perfectly professional machines - that's how their UNATCO workmates know them. But even the mechanically augmented UNATCO agents have their own lives outside the work premises. What is it like, to live as an aug in the late 2030s? Series. Part 1 of Navarre. Simple question: Is it possible (without cheating) to escape UNATCO without killing Anna Navarre? She's dead, but I'm wondering if I can slip by without engaging her in combat. I am willing to revert to an earlier save in order to give it a try, but I won't waste my time if it's not possible. So, is it possible For Deus Ex on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Repercussions of offing Navarre on the 747? Can Anna Navarre avoid dying in Deus Ex? DX1. Close. 28. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Can Anna Navarre avoid dying in Deus Ex? DX1. I've always wondered this but whenever I'm doing a pacifist run I always end up having to kill Anna Navarre to progress. (like taking the key from her in UNATCO) I think I remember trying to knock Gunther out without the kill phrase before and it took a long.

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Isn't Anna Navarre an ex-Israeli commando? What would she be doing patrolling streets in Prague? Since she is probably from the Czech Republic, it makes sense for her to have Anna Navarre's (a native Russian) Slavic accent. I hope I won't get to meet her though. There are 8 billion people in Mankind Divided's world and it wouldn't make sense for Adam to randomly meet all of the original's cast. I am playing Deus Ex (2000) again and want to save them both. Is there a way? Somewhere I saw claim but not instruction. I tried to push Anna back with objects and myself and even pushed her outside from plane but it doesn't work correct. Also I see sometimes she tried to run away with low healthy but it seems she can't go outside. So, is it possible? If yes, how? 14 comments. share. save hide. Subreddit dedicated to the Deus Ex series. Please stay out of the ladies' restroom. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 433. We don't need another Anne Navarre killing spree. Meme/Fluff. Close. 433. Posted by 10 months ago. Archived. We don't need another Anne Navarre killing spree. Meme/Fluff. 18. Great moments in PC gaming: Killing Anna Navarre in Deus Ex. janvier 24, 2021. Aucun commentaire. Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. Deus Ex (Image credit: Eidos Interactive) Year: 2000 Developer: Ion Storm. The mission to kill NSF leader Juan Lebedev aboard his 747 in one of the early Deus Ex stages seems like a straightforward part.

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Following his inauguration at UNATCO, Paul Denton and Navarre formed a team, during which Paul disappointed her on several occasions due to his disdain for killing people. ===2052=== {{Quote|Born in Russia, trained as a commando by the Israeli army, Anna Navarre is your old-fashioned cold-blooded killer. If she were crazy she'd be a homicidal maniac, but she's not. She's very in control, and. I'm attempting a Realistic run with trying to kill navarre before she has the chance to kill lebedev on the 747. I'm not finding a good way to do this...If I try to fight her straight up with guns, she kills me immediately. If I try to use explosives, the splash damage kills myself or both her and lebedev right away. Any general tips when I'm this weak (due to difficulty) to kill Navarre while. Gunther Hermann (*2001 in Berlin, Deutschland, verstorben 2052 in Paris, Frankreich) ist ein Serie N-Kampfagent der United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition, der später für Majestic-12 tätig war. Er ist seit der Gründung bei UNATCO und arbeitet dort auch als Ausbilder. Mit der Agentin Anna Navarre verbindet ihn eine enge Freundschaft, weshalb er ihren Mörder JC Denton manisch verfolgt. Funny / Deus Ex Go To × Edit Locked. Main Gunther complaining to Anna Navarre about his own private conspiracy theory. Anna: Are you sure you pressed the right button? Gunther: I do not make mistakes of that kind! Anna: Your hand might have slipped. Gunther: No, I wanted orange. It gave me lemon-lime. Anna: The machine would not make a mistake. Gunther: It's the maintenance man. He knows. Design for Anna Navarre character from Deus Ex. Create . Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business

Great moments in PC gaming: Killing Anna Navarre in Deus Ex. 2 likes • 1 share. pcgamer.com - Andy Chalk • 44d. The classic immersive sim was full of moments of unexpected freedom. Great moments in PC gaming are bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite Read more on pcgamer.com. Deus Ex: Revision. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Deus Ex: Revision > General Discussions > Topic Details. Bonbarman. Feb 16, 2017 @ 1:02am The unavoidable sacrifice? I have a few questions about this achievement : 1. I know there is an exploit you can use on Deux Ex GOTY which allow you to not kill Agent Navarre, does it works in this game. I played Deus Ex a lot some years ago, but I can't think of a way to really complete the game without killing. I think the way to use is to use a lot of sneaking and tranquillizers. But I can't imagine that this is enough for the whole game. So my question is, has anyone of you completed the game without killing or has a serious source that mentions how it works? deus-ex. Share. Improve this. Deus Ex - All Anna Navarre Messages. Tori Mikal. Follow. 5 years ago | 0 view. Deus Ex - All Anna Navarre Messages. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 40:15. Deus Ex 02 ) Manderley,navarre et doc qui gére mal son temps. DocDarkAngelo. This is my first playthrough on Deus Ex. It is definatly one of my favorite games, yet I am deeply curious about something. In the NSF Airfield, where you are given the mission of assassinating Lebedev, the leader, I chose to shoot Anna Navarre, not knowing that this would cause what would happen. What I am curious to know is what happens if you shoot Lebedev instead

Agent Gunther Hermann ist ein Schurke aus dem 2000 erschienenen Videospiel Deus Ex.. Gunther ist ein grobschlächtiger und blutdurstiger UNATCO-Agent, der eingesetzt wird wenn Feinde eliminiert werden müssen. Nachdem Agent JC Denton die korrupte Organisation verraten hat und dabei Gunthers ehemalige Partnerin Anna Navarre tötet, schwört Gunther Rache und wird schließlich auch losgeschickt. Anna Navarre: Are you sure you pressed the right button? Gunther Hermann: I do not make mistakes of that kind. Anna Navarre: Your hand might have slipped. Gunther Hermann: No, I wanted orange. It gave me lemon-lime. Anna Navarre: The machine would not make a mistake... Gunther Hermann: It's the maintenance man. He knows I like orange. Anna Navarre: So you think the staff has some sort of plot.. Deus Ex Komplettlösung (PC, PS2): Mission 4 (Battery Park, NYC (Rückkehr, Fortsetzung)) Falls ihr vorhin Navarre erledigt habt, erzählt euer Agent die Version, dass die beiden Agenten von.

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  1. . Steht in ständigem Kontakt mit den Agenten und hilft bei den Missionen. Anna Navarre Sie ist halb Mech halb Mensch. Sie wurde Israel geboren, war 9 Jahre in der israelischen Armee, plus 6 Jahre in.
  2. Sie lassen ihn Computer hacken, Projektile abfangen oder doppelt so schnell laufen. Auch Gunther und seine Partnerin Anna Navarre besitzen Augmentierungen - allerdings die altmodische, mechanische Variante. Die kennt man auch von Adam Jensen aus dem Prequel Deus Ex: Human Revolution und dem Nachfolger Mankind Divided
  3. Deus Ex Machina in an exploration into a fan remake and modernisation of the original in Unity, redesigning systems and game mechanics to conform to modern iterations of the franchise and the genre as a whole. Not designed to be an exact remake of the original but instead and evolution of it with the intention being at this early stage to produce a reimagined Liberty Island as a portfolio piece
  4. [FW: Walton Simons, From: Agent Navarre, Subject: List of Grievances Draft #3, 1-50] Simons, I don't get paid enough for this, but you do. I'm giving her your email. Have fun.-Manderley. Language: English Words: 682 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 9 Hits: 90; manifest destiny by Rigil_Kentauris Fandoms: Deus Ex 1 General Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; Gen; Complete Work; 03 Feb 2018.

Deus Ex is easily one of my favorite games of all time. I'm reminded of Warren Spector's classic shooter RPG because it's free on GameTap this week.If you haven't played Deus Ex -- or think. #deus ex #anna navarre #bunny girl #persona 5 #joker #dog #1 hour drawing #i think it was a bit over an hour though #tetsujinforce. 44 notes. alphagravy. Follow. #deus ex #anna navarre #gaming #gif #gravygif. 100 notes. agent-kentauris. Follow Let's start a band, Paul says suddenly, looking up from a file heavy with mission intel. She'd prefer not to pay attention, and yet, it's so. While the Navarre/Lebedev showdown was the point at which Deus Ex really got its tendrils into me, my goodwill towards the game had been growing steadily in the hours leading up to that

Die Organisation FEMA, was als Abkürzung für Federal Emergency Mobilisation Administrationbeziehungsweise Federal Emergency Management Agency steht, ist eine schurkische Organisation aus der Deus Ex-Videospielreihe. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine fiktive Version der realen U.S.-Behörde mit de Template:Ref improve For characters in Deus Ex: Invisible War, please see Deus Ex: Invisible War characters. For Deus Ex: Human Revolution characters, please see Deus Ex: Human Revolution The following is a listed summary of some of the characters that appear in the action role-playing video game, Deus Ex. 1 Antagonists 1.1 Maggie Chow 1.2 Gunther Hermann 1.3 Joseph Manderley 1.4 Anna Navarre. Directed by Warren Spector. With Jay Anthony Franke, Brent Anderson, Ralph Barbagallo, Chad Bannon. In a dark cyberpunk future where poverty, disease, oppression and terrorism are widespread, J.C. Denton, a new cybernetically-enhanced special agent, finds evidence of a massive conspiracy when his brother, also an agent, goes rogue Howard Strong ist ein nebensächlicher Schurke aus dem 2001 erschienenen Videospiel Deus Ex.Er taucht gegen Ende des Spiels auf. Biographie. Strong ist ein hochrangiges Mitglied von Majestic 12 und ist einer ihrer Wissenschaftler. Nachdem Bob Page den Befehl gegeben hat, gegnerische Wissenschaftler an der Vandenberg-Militärbasis auszulöschen, führt Strong eine Einheit von Majestic 12. Project HDTP is a High Definition Texture Package for the original Deus Ex game. The original in-game textures were of a very low resolution, some textures even being as low as 32x32. However, it was discovered that it is possible to increase the resolution of those textures to a maximum of 256. This has been tested in-game and we have witnessed the start of a massive graphical overhaul.

deus ex 2 war cyberpunk, deus ex 3 wird cyberpunk. deus ex 2 finde ich gut, es hat eine tolle atmosphäre und es ist rollenspiel enthalten. besser als jeder shooter ist es also allemal Games-Portal mit News, Reviews, Previews, Tipps, Cheats, Patches, Trainers und Lösungen für alle PC- und Konsolenspiele (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, XBox 360, Nintendo Deus Ex hatte mich dereinst so fasziniert, weil es bei jedem Durchspielen komplett anders erzählt wurde. Mal stirbt Bruder Paul, mal wird er gerettet, andere mal stirbt Pilot Jock und ein ander mal bringt man die Navarre an ner anderen Stelle im Spiel um. Es gab ganze Stellen, die anders verliefen. Beim ersten Spiel wurde ich von Walton Simons in der Unterseestation gejagt, beim anderen Mal.

While Deus Ex is pretty much a product of the late '90s with its Matrix-influenced protagonist and gritty realistic portrayal of the near future, it still feels pretty relevant today. And I honestly find it a more believable portrayal of the future than a lot of cyberpunk games, if only cause it feels so rooted in reality Juhu ein Deus Ex Thread Mein Lieblingslevel war/ist das erste wo man in die Freiheitsstatue eindringen musste. Es war ja auch das level der Demo und die habe ich bis zum Umfallen gezockt und war. A cybernetically enhanced super agent working for UNATCO in the original Deus Ex game. Begins as your ally and eventually becomes an adversary. Summary. Short summary describing this character. Navigation. Character Wiki. Images (5) Forum (0) News ; Related Pages Game appearances Friends Enemies Locations Concepts Objects; No recent wiki edits to this page. Anna is heavily mechanised, like her. Deus Ex - Anna Navarre shows up and orders you to either kill Lebedev or leave. You can kill Lebedev, you can even kill Anna. But what many have pondered is, do you have to kill either of them? Home > Games > Deus Ex> Large Screenshot. Deus Ex: IW Sonstiges. Intern Das Team Link us Impressum Datenschutzerklärung. Deus Ex: Charaktere. Eine Auflistung aller wichtigen Charaktere aus Deus Ex. Alex Jacobsen Der UNATCO Computeradmin. Steht in ständigem Kontakt mit den Agenten und hilft bei den Missionen. Anna Navarre Sie ist halb Mech halb Mensch. Sie wurde Israel geboren, war 9 Jahre in der israelischen Armee, plus 6 Jahre in.

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After speaking with Anna Navarre, first jump into the water to your right where you will find 2 crates containing 1 medkit and 1 lockpick. Use the ladder by the boat to leave the water again. Go up the steps to the East on the left. If the boy asks for some food don't give him anything. Turn to the left and go through the first gap in the wall there. You should see Castle Clinton ahead of. If Anna Navarre is actually just her code name and Israel was rebuilt in the years following Deus Ex: Human Revolution, then this theory could almost be logical. She's described as Russian-Israeli, works for a secret organization, is one of the major bosses of the game, and wears black clothing Follow/Fav Deus Ex: Genesis. By: Jacob Schoerner. Moments before merging with the Helios AI, JC Denton thinks back on the events that brought him to this point. Will focus heavily on the storyline and philosphy of Deus Ex, as opposed to being a step-by-step walkthrough. Rated: Fiction T - English - Sci-Fi/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 15,574 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 3/17. #deus ex #gunther hermann. xen-dance: Anna Navarre by inkrabid. 4 years ago on 10.16.16 16 notes permalink | source | reblog. linmirianjoyrex: Here's a monochromatic drawing that i plan to color as well of gunther and anna standing in front of a city wall. 4 years ago on 10.16.16 20 notes permalink | reblog. linmirianjoyrex: the laputan machine getting brain surgery. 4 years ago on 10.16.16. Apr 27, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Warren Spector. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Deus Ex. Twenty years on, if you're paying a game you paid a cool $100 for, chances are you owe it to Deus Ex, in all its blocky polygoned glory. You can play Deus Ex on Steam right now Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art A) No, any glitch found in the PC, PS2 or Mac version of Deus Ex will be accepted. However, when sending me information on a glitch you have found, you must let me know which version of the game. Deus Ex Recut, is a video created by Egger3rd and uploaded on Machinima's channel on April 2nd, 2009. It features a comedic edit of the original game's intro and the first level. Over almost 5 years, the video got over 560,000 views, 6,715 thumbs up. On June 7th, 2007, a youtuber MadGangster released a video featuring a Deus Ex mod, name Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside. 50 likes. Apocalypse Inside is born from the back-story of the Deus Ex saga. It revives everything in Deus Ex that didn't make it into the gam

It's possible to escape Anna Navarre through the ventilation shafts in the Battery Park subway station. An easy way to keep Paul alive is to get yourself killed in the attach on the hotel room (or kill yourself using a LAM in the closet, if playing a Ghost walkthrough). MJ12-base/Unatco HQ Codes. cells: 4679; cell block: 408 im deus ex- mapordner sind ja alle levels aufgelistet, unter anderem deus ex endgame 1-4 1-4!!! theoretisch müsste also eine 4. möglichkeit bestehen, aber ich bin bisher noch nicht drauf.

Deus Ex was developed under the working title 'Shooter: Majestic Revelations' It's possible they exist on DVDs in someone's attic, somewhere, says Pacotti, although he doesn't sound confident Deus Ex Machina Takes Yamaha's MT-07 on A Custom Adventure to Remember - autoevolution. Aproximadamente hace 13 horas Tweet Deus Ex Machina Takes Yamaha's MT-07 on A Custom Adventure to Remember autoevolution ; Deus Machina Takes Yamaha's MT-07 Custom The Watch As Plot Device: Breitling Top Time Deus (Ex Machina) Limited Edition - Forbes . Aproximadamente el 03-03-21 Tweet The Watch As Plot. Deus Ex: Human Revolution allows gamers to indulge their inner Arnold, but it rewards precision playing and thoughtful approaches far more than brute force. Simply gunning down a thug earns 10 XP.

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Jan 14, 2013 - Dialogue between Agent Navarre and Herman 0:00 Training : Introduction.0:13 Training 2 : Objectives.0:25 Training 3 : Reminder and hints.0:35 Training 4 : You blew it. Reset the test.0:47 Training.. Anna Navarre. A cybernetically enhanced super agent working for UNATCO in the original Deus Ex game. Begins as your ally and eventually becomes an adversary. Bob Page. Bob Page is known to the public as the CEO of Page Industries, but is secretly the head of Majestic-12. He is the main antagonist of Deus Ex. Gordon Quick. Leader of the Luminous Path in the Hong Kong section of Deus Ex. He is. Deus Ex Human Revolution - Augmented Edition. Saved by Liu shuai. 6

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In DEUS EX, they notice comrade bodies laying about - but not always. The player can hide in darkness and enemies will fail to notice him - but not always. Opponents will give chase and negotiate the most tortuous levels - but they won't swim, or climb ladders, or even remember the player after mere seconds of concealment. To balance the scale, enemies were given godlike aim, allowing them to. Deus Ex not only gave you a degree of control in the way it told an otherwise linear story, but also gave you the tools to muck around within its game world in the way you saw fit Sep 21, 2019; 3 min read; Howard Strong Deus Ex From the start of Deus Ex, it feels like something isn't right with Anna Navarre. She's your partner, but her penchant for killing seems extreme, even for an augmented spy. Navarre was born in Russia and received military training at a young age. She was the partner of Paul Denton - JC Denton's brother - at UNATCO, but his non-lethal approach wasn't her style. Like JC Denton, Anna.

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It's a computer game. The game only has in-engine cinematics, which contain subtitles that can be lifted from the game data files or just transcribed Die Geschichte von Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution wird bereits im Oktober 2011 per DLC weitererzählt. Entwickler Eidos Montréal bestätigt die anhaltenden Gerüchte um The Missing Link;, verrät. Deus Ex is an unquestionable masterpiece of a game. With its excellent blending of genres (RPG and FPS), ambitious and multi-layered storyline, and highly interactive and expansive environments it is a living legend among gamers. The level of flexibility in character development allows you to follow your own style of gameplay. Stealth, combat, deception, hacking - whatever works, and there. I say we should keep the links that are really related to Deus Ex only, and from those, the most important ones. - Kaonashi 03:38 , 29 Sep 2004 (UTC) Dealt with. - Kaonashi 23:47, 7 Oct 2004 (UTC) Anna Navarre. Anna Navarre accent is no israely. her accent sound more russian to me. --Artist 00:49, 6 Oct 2004 (UTC) I don't know about her accent, but you can check Deus Ex's official website.

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